Technology policies must evolve

Shorewood’s current outlook on technology use in the classroom is outdated and not giving students the knowledge to help them become responsible technology users in college and in the world of work. There does not seem to be an opportunity to use technology in class to enhance lectures and assignments. In fact, many teachers have recently banned all technology use, their new rules stemming from research articles that circulated among the faculty in August stating how cell phones distract students from learning. Yes, we need reasonable rules against texting or using social media in class. However, many teachers seem to … Continue reading Technology policies must evolve

Late Show stays true to roots

When I heard Stephen Colbert was moving from cable to broadcast television as the host of The Late Show, I was concerned. I was a loyal viewer of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and loved how Colbert used satire to poke fun at the extreme political pundits that inspired his character. Here were my concerns: would he host the show as the character “Stephen Colbert?” Would the CBS censors make his material less effective? Would he be forced to do promotional celebrity interviews instead of the informative and thought-provoking conversations with scientists, writers and politicians that were my highlights … Continue reading Late Show stays true to roots

The Visit exceeds expectations

In 1999, a smaller, lower-budget film came out called The Sixth Sense and it started a revolution. The spectacular direction, the amazingly well written script, an ending you’d never see coming — it changed the way people looked at cinema. Who was at the helm of this masterpiece? An unknown filmmaker named M. Night Shyamalan. All of the sudden, he was everywhere in the news and the subject of much praise. However, after Unbreakable and Signs, his fan-base went on a decline. His stories had more plot holes; his scripts contained dialogue that felt forced and unnatural and they did … Continue reading The Visit exceeds expectations

Man From U.N.C.L.E. review

The 2015 summer was that of many exciting, and exhilarating Hollywood blockbusters that cracked box office records and drained our wallets. However, The Man from U.N.C.L.E missed the summer deadline, as it bared a remarkably similar format to its predecessors. Set during the cold war rivalry between America and the Soviet Union, a criminal organization with nuclear technology surfaces with a plot to spark a global crises that is of interest to both governments. American spy Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) is forced to team up with Russian KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) to bring down Victoria (Elizabeth Debicki) and … Continue reading Man From U.N.C.L.E. review

College feature: Boston University

For Anna Wisotzkey, class of 2015, rowing on the Charles River was something she had only ever dreamt about. Now, as a freshman at Boston University and a member of the Women’s Lightweight Rowing Team, it is something she does everyday. Wisotzkey is looking forward to her first fall season on this division one team.  She rowed for the Milwaukee Rowing Club throughout her high school career, competed at USRowing Youth Nationals and placed on the USRowing Honor Roll. Tryouts, which included fitness tests and lots of technical drilling on the water, have ended and Wisotzkey is settling into the … Continue reading College feature: Boston University

Senior honored with Heroes Award

Ananya Murali, senior, won the Wisconsin Heroes award for her planning, organization and management of the anti-bullying camp, “Step-Up Against Bullying and Violence”, as well as being actively involved in the community. “The Wisconsin Heroes award is given to a Wisconsin resident who shows a willingness and commitment to volunteer their efforts towards a cause to improve the state,” Murali said. “I felt really honored to win this award.” Recognition is given to those receiving the award, as well as a visit from the First Lady of Wisconsin, Tonette Walker, who presents the award to recipients. “It was really an … Continue reading Senior honored with Heroes Award