Year-round schooling promotes retention

Every year as the holiday season approaches, with this year being no exception, my family and I attempt to coordinate visits to our relatives and friends across and out of the country. However, as we begin to start coordinating dates and times, it always turns out there is barely any time to take a vacation overseas in the twelve days given, including weekends. While there is always an opportunity during the three months of summer vacation, I would rather be with my family during New Year’s and other winter holidays rather than in summer. In order to be with my … Continue reading Year-round schooling promotes retention

Schools should power down PowerSchool

I unlocked my phone and opened my PowerSchool app. A huge test grade had just gone in and needed to quickly check my grade. I saw the red down arrow and that is all it took to ruin my entire day. Admit it, most of you have been there. The truth is, the PowerSchool app and PowerSchool in general have become too stressful and accessible, causing an unhealthy obsession for many students and parents.The site was originally created to help parents connect with their kids’ schooling—an “in-between” for conferences and report cards. The main PowerSchool site advertises that “parents can … Continue reading Schools should power down PowerSchool

NJ blogger brings more harm than help

The familiar silhouette of Spanish artist Jaume Plensa’s Spillover II has been absent from its Atwater Park overlook since November 16. Currently it is in Chicago, where a team of artists are carefully removing the anti-Semitic slurs like as “cheap jew,” and “fry bad jew,” discovered by Matt Sweetwood, New Jersey blogger. Shortly afterward, Sweetwood wrote about his discovery on his blog, and within days, Plensa himself issued an apology and oversaw the statue’s removal and repair. The fate of the sculpture has yet to be determined. In its absence, some villagers have rallied around Spillover II and challenged the … Continue reading NJ blogger brings more harm than help

Paris attacks bring renewed debate

Despite the recent alleged termination of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass collection of Americans’ phone data, there have been numerous calls from U.S. government officials and presidential candidates to resume such programs or create similar ones in the wake of the Paris attacks. In addition to an expansion of surveillance programs, these calls have also included permission for the government to more easily bypass encrypted communications, falsely arguing it is imperative to our national security. The programs and policies being proposed by these men and women would once again allow the mass collection of certainly all Americans’ phone data, … Continue reading Paris attacks bring renewed debate

Play enthuses

Shorewood High School’s production of Green Day’s American Idiot runs February 4, 5 and 6 in the Gensler Auditorium. This two-time Tony Award-winning musical is based on Green Day’s Grammy Award-winning rock album, American Idiot. The show is set in a post 9/11 world, and centers around three dissatisfied men trying to find their place in the world. Graham Hartlaub, senior, will play Johnny, one of those men. “I am looking forward to music, … rocking out with an amazing cast,” Hartlaub said. Joe King, drama teacher and director of the show, said one of the reasons he chose the … Continue reading Play enthuses

Showcase gives insight into student talent

Instrumentalists, dancers, comedians and singers: the 2015 rendition of AFS Showcase “Rise Up” lived up to its name on November 21 and 22, exceeding my already high expectations in SHS’s auditorium. Marie Matthias, Zach Lipo Zovic and Justine Spore, seniors, and Grace Anderson, Ellie Schmitt and Dayton Simenz, juniors, directed this student-run performance. The six students, with the support of Joe King, performing arts teacher, and Maylan Thomas, technical director, organized the two three-hour-long shows featuring a quarter of SHS’s student body and benefitting American Field Service (AFS). These directors started the show off well, performing Faces’s “Ooh La La.” … Continue reading Showcase gives insight into student talent

AP art duels hope to spark discussion

With the start of the year, the AP art class implemented a new addition to its curriculum: art duels. The students conduct this friendly competition in order to enhance their skills as artists. In a duel, one student challenges the other to create art within an hour, and their competitor picks the medium. At the end of the duel, they hang up their art in the high school pool lobby. “Each artist in the class has to challenge another artist in the class at some point throughout the year … [It’s] about bringing kind of the competitive spirit to art-making, … Continue reading AP art duels hope to spark discussion

Board expands reach

School and government find common ground The school board is looking to collaborate with Representative David Bowen to actively oppose or support bills that would affect the school district, similar to the resolution passed which opposed Assembly Bill 469, which discriminated against students who are transgender. Representative David Bowen serves District 10 – Milwaukee and Shorewood – in the state legislature. School Board President, Paru Shah, is leading the charge, and says she hopes this will bring positive effects to the district. “I think an ability to have things that are important to us at the state level … [we … Continue reading Board expands reach

Festival enlightens

On Monday, November 23, Shorewood Intermediate School seventh graders traveled around the world during the World Festival of Cultures, a project that they had spent over a month preparing for – researching food, art, demographics and social issues in their chosen countries and showcasing their work through a wide array of mediums. “I think they gain their first exposure to a research project that is much more in-depth,” said Sarah Kopplin, SIS social studies teacher and World Festival of Cultures coordinator. “I think … they really get excited about having personal control over their work. They get to choose their … Continue reading Festival enlightens

Tree brings cheer

Shorewood’s Business Improvement District (BID) held a Tree Lighting Celebration on Saturday, December 5, from 6 to 7 p.m. The event is held annually and sponsored by BID to promote the community, local businesses and Shorewood. “The Tree Lighting gets a lot of people so … we try to make it different every year and put it in a different area … just to showcase different parts of Shorewood,” said Jenny Heyden, BID Special Events Coordinator. The celebration is usually held on the first Saturday in December, and the tree remains lit until early January. Last year, the Tree Lighting … Continue reading Tree brings cheer

Booster Club helps sports

The Shorewood Athletic Booster Club hosted their 36th annual Arts & Crafts Fair in the high school’s Arena and North Gym on December 6. The event included 116 vendors selling a variety of products, as well as a silent auction, raffle, spiritwear shop and bake sale. “It’s always the first Sunday in December and the parking lot is always full. It’s a good place to come and get some arts and crafts for the holiday season,” said LeVar Ridgeway, athletic director. The booster club rents booths to artists and charges a four-dollar admission fee. Proceeds go to SHS and SIS … Continue reading Booster Club helps sports

Paris attacks hit close to home for Shorewood

On Friday, November 13, the infamous terrorist group ISIS committed multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. These attacks occurred almost simultaneously in France’s capital city, Paris. Death rates, recorded as of  November 14, were among 130 individuals, with upwards of 350 injured, 99 of which are severely injured. With suicide vests, grenades and assault rifles, the victims were murdered within a period of two hours and 20 minutes. Restaurants in the 10th and 11th quarters of Paris were attacked, as well as the Bataclan, a sold out concert hall on the night of the shooting, housing 89 of the deaths independently. The … Continue reading Paris attacks hit close to home for Shorewood

Scholarship sends students abroad

SHS has been chosen to receive $20,000 in Global Navigator Scholarships for students to study abroad the summer of 2016. The Global Navigator Scholarship is given by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), and all schools in Wisconsin that have the Global Education Achievement Certificate were eligible to apply. SHS was one of four high schools in Wisconsin and one of 90 high schools in the country to receive the Global Navigator Scholarship. “The Global Navigator Scholarship is a program where we are going to be working with U.S. high schools across the country. We are granting schools a … Continue reading Scholarship sends students abroad

Meet the Match met the match

The district announced at a school board meeting on November 24 that they had completed the “Meet the Match” campaign, raising over $500,000 to match an anonymous donation made last spring. Since the beginning of the school year, they had raised over half of the donations. Ted Knight, chief advancement officer, credits the success of the campaign to the community, especially the SEED foundation. The foundation directed the proceeds of their annual fall campaign towards the Meet the Match campaign. “This made all the difference in the world because it helped get the message out to people, it helped excite … Continue reading Meet the Match met the match

AFS students share local Shorewood experience: Umberto Converti, from Italy

According to Umberto Converti, Shorewood has proven to have many differences from his hometown, Potenza, Italy, ranging from temperature to shoes. Now living with the Hayes family, Converti recalls hearing about the AFS program through his school in Italy last … Continue reading AFS students share local Shorewood experience: Umberto Converti, from Italy