Artist features school

Ariana Huggett is an artist whose work is renowned, spent two weeks painting the SHS pool and auditorium. Shorewood, with its elegant 1924 architecture, was inspiring subject matter for this Riverwest-based artist. “I paint interiors and exteriors. It’s my subject matter,” Huggett said. Hugget began her visit on October 26, spending the time painting and meeting with Shorewood art students. Also benefitting from this exchange were Shorewood’s art students. “I think an art department with momentum draws to it great art situations and she was one of these situations,” said Jeffrey Zimpel, art department chair. Jessica Mohagen, art teacher, agrees. “It was awesome … Continue reading Artist features school

Atwater holiday book fair

The Atwater PTO is holding the Holiday Book Fair, a fundraiser from November 30 until December 3 with aims to raise money for more books. The Holiday Book Fair is one of the two book fairs that are held at Atwater, the other occuring one during the spring. “I think it’s a good idea because most people like to read, so they would like an opportunity to get some new books,” said Paisley Luicer, sixth grade. Diane Gulbronson and Kim Mackowski, Atwater parents, are the co-chairs of the Atwater Holiday Book Fair. Gulbronson and Mackowski have run the book fairs … Continue reading Atwater holiday book fair

Acupuncture comes to Shorewood

In a tranquil, redesigned space on the northern border of Shorewood, Aubrey Contramaestre treats patients of all conditions in the hopes of creating a positive effect through acupuncture. “If you put a positive energy out there it creates a ripple effect of positive energy so as people start to feel better and interact with people around them in a different, more upbeat positive energy, that just impacts every single person,” said Aubrey Contramaestre, owner and acupuncturist of Ananda Acupuncture and Healing Center. Contramaestre opened Ananda in October at 4528 N. Oakland Ave. “The reason for this build-out expanding is because … Continue reading Acupuncture comes to Shorewood

Senior places first in chess

Sasha Velikanov, senior, recently placed first in the qualifying chess tournament, the Denker Tournament of High School Champions. Thanks to this first place positioning, Velikanov became the representative for the state of Wisconsin and will be competing on a national level. Created in 1984 by Arnold Denker, an American Grandmaster, the Denker Tournament has existed for almost 31 years. The Denker Tournament of High School Champions, or more commonly, the ‘Denker’, consists of 51 representatives from all across the US, all competing for the title of Denker Champion of Champions. “It’s a super prestigious tournament,” Velikanov said. “I think … … Continue reading Senior places first in chess

James Bond returns in Mendes-directed Spectre

The famous 007 returns and this time he’s going after Dr. King Schultz! Spectre is directed by Sam Mendes and stars Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Dave Bautista and Christoph Waltz and is the fourth installment in the Daniel Craig-James Bond franchise, following Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. In this film, Bond, after the traumatic events of Skyfall (which I will not spoil), hunts down the diabolical organization, SPECTRE, and its leader, Franz Oberhauser (played by Waltz), who, as referred to in the trailer, claims to be behind it all. Therefore, you would think you … Continue reading James Bond returns in Mendes-directed Spectre