Fundraiser supports art

A new art program, Silver Graphics, is being introduced to Atwater Elementary School. The program helps support individual schools with single projects like self-portraits printed onto mugs and collective projects such as large wall murals within the school, similar to the fish mural in the front hall of Lake Bluff. Not only does Silver Graphics print the digital artwork, but it also helps provide a unique fundraiser to support and raise money for the district’s art program. Each collective project produced through Silver Graphics comes with a digital record on a CD, of each child’s submitted work. In addition to … Continue reading Fundraiser supports art

Marquette students teach math at Atwater

Marquette University recently began a partnership with Atwater in order to train Marquette students how to teach math while providing a tutoring service to Atwater students. “Our goal in the end is to increase student learning,” said Cathy Daniels, Atwater math interventionist. According to Daniels, this program will help reach more students by providing academic assistance for those that need it and providing opportunities to be challenged for more advanced students. “Marquette students are coming during teachers’ guided study times once a week, and they’re working with students on tier one [interventions for math], which means giving them academic help, … Continue reading Marquette students teach math at Atwater

Entrepreneurial spirit added to math class

Sam Nadolsky, Lake Bluff sixth grade accelerated math teacher, added a new project to his students’ curriculum this year: the opportunity to create their own business plan. In order to teach his students about tables, graphs and equations for the Connected Math Program curriculum (CMP), he redesigned an already existing project. His class of 19 students were given an assignment to invent and implement their own small business. “There was a project that the curriculum suggested. It was a business plan kind of thing, except the book told them how to do it, it already had the business set and … Continue reading Entrepreneurial spirit added to math class

New name in the math department

Derek Larson took over for Jim Krolikowski, longtime math and computer science teacher, who left SHS at the end of the 2014-15 school year.Larson is teaching four sections of Integrated Math III and one section of computer science. “I’ve always heard very good things from the teacher’s perspective [and] from the community’s perspective about this school district,” Larson said. Not always a teacher, Larson worked as an engineer in the Minneapolis area for 10 years before going into teaching. Larson attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a minor in … Continue reading New name in the math department

Fresh faces for bright beginnings

After an Atwater senior kindergarten teacher left late in the summer, her position was filled Amy Thorston, who had previously taught Bright Beginnings at Lake Bluff. This left Thorston’s position vacant for days after school began. Meanwhile, Katherine Gerrits, who had expected to begin her fifth year at Mequon Preschool, found herself out of work when the school was forced to cut teachers due to low enrollment. Not expecting to find full time work so close to the start of the school year, Gerrits instead began to contact area schools about substitute teaching. Gerrits was given the job almost immediately. … Continue reading Fresh faces for bright beginnings