Seniors continue with sports in college

BY MAYA SCHNEIDER — As the year draws to an end and the seniors finalize their college decisions, a small portion of them are considering taking their athletic talents with them to the universities where they will study. According to … Continue reading Seniors continue with sports in college

Tennis coach recognized as volunteer of the month

Game, set, match! When it comes to tennis, the sport is second nature to Amy Richmond, JV tennis coach. For her volunteer efforts, Richmond was recently named the December Volunteer of the Month by the Midwest section of the United States Tennis Association. Richmond also received the Bill Letwin Award from the Wisconsin Tennis Association in November. This award was established in 1967 and named after a former Milwaukee Journal sportswriter. Honorees are awarded for their dedication and service to tennis, in honor of Letwin covering the sport for more than 40 years. “Getting this recognition was very positive,” Richmond said, “and I’m going … Continue reading Tennis coach recognized as volunteer of the month

New tennis coach

BY NATHALIE BOLDUC — The girls tennis team has gotten off to a fresh start this year with a new head coach, Richard Vincent, who replaced Allie Armstrong and Thomas Sanner. “With a new coach, there will be a period of adjustment … with the students and the coach,” said LeVar Ridgeway, athletic director. In addition, Amy Richmond will step in as assistant coach. Although the season only started August 12, feedback from players is already positive. “He’s really funny, [and] really nice,” said Tricia Nelson, senior. “[Vincent] really … lives and breathes tennis … so to have someone like … Continue reading New tennis coach