AFS Night: the past and the present

BY YASMIN MOHD SOHAILIN — In the SHS library, AFS hosted the AFS International Dessert Night, a speaking night where people could hear stories from the people who studied or are studying abroad through AFS program. Shorewood and the AFS program have always has a close relationship. This year marks the 66th year that the AFS program has been working with Shorewood High School. “Shorewood [has] been hosting since 1950. This is our 66th year hosting,” said Pablo Muirhead, chairman of AFS adult chapter. “[Shorewood AFS] is one of the longest lasting American field service clubs and organization in the … Continue reading AFS Night: the past and the present

Good Season for Girls Hockey

The girls hockey team has continued its leading season, existing as a co-op between Shorewood, the University School of Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, DSHA and Nicolet. This year there are only three players that come from SHS. They all are freshmen. “There are three people from our school. They’re all freshmen. It’s Karly Lamoreaux, Hannah Neudorfer and I,” said Isabel Schmitt, freshman. The team has reportedly had a strong couple of matches. “We are playing well. We have played some tough teams and played very well. We’ve had everyone contributing and stepping up each game. It is great to see the girls are having … Continue reading Good Season for Girls Hockey

AP art duels hope to spark discussion

With the start of the year, the AP art class implemented a new addition to its curriculum: art duels. The students conduct this friendly competition in order to enhance their skills as artists. In a duel, one student challenges the other to create art within an hour, and their competitor picks the medium. At the end of the duel, they hang up their art in the high school pool lobby. “Each artist in the class has to challenge another artist in the class at some point throughout the year … [It’s] about bringing kind of the competitive spirit to art-making, … Continue reading AP art duels hope to spark discussion