University LGBT Discrimination Exemptions are Not Acceptable

In reference to records provided by the U.S. Department of Education, over 60 religious Universities have requested exemptions from the 1972 law banning federally funded schools to discriminate against individuals on the basis of sex. This law is primarily applied to hiring and admissions, or other issues concerning each university. 43 of the applications have been filed, while 22 have been approved this year. This is an unconstitutional exemption applied to universities that are funded by the government, allowing whole organizations to discriminate based on sex or other means. One of the most shocking details is that none, not one of these requests, have ever … Continue reading University LGBT Discrimination Exemptions are Not Acceptable

Paris attacks hit close to home for Shorewood

On Friday, November 13, the infamous terrorist group ISIS committed multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. These attacks occurred almost simultaneously in France’s capital city, Paris. Death rates, recorded as of  November 14, were among 130 individuals, with upwards of 350 injured, 99 of which are severely injured. With suicide vests, grenades and assault rifles, the victims were murdered within a period of two hours and 20 minutes. Restaurants in the 10th and 11th quarters of Paris were attacked, as well as the Bataclan, a sold out concert hall on the night of the shooting, housing 89 of the deaths independently. The … Continue reading Paris attacks hit close to home for Shorewood

Fundraiser supports art

A new art program, Silver Graphics, is being introduced to Atwater Elementary School. The program helps support individual schools with single projects like self-portraits printed onto mugs and collective projects such as large wall murals within the school, similar to the fish mural in the front hall of Lake Bluff. Not only does Silver Graphics print the digital artwork, but it also helps provide a unique fundraiser to support and raise money for the district’s art program. Each collective project produced through Silver Graphics comes with a digital record on a CD, of each child’s submitted work. In addition to … Continue reading Fundraiser supports art