Metro Market challenges local integrity

BY CALL US KATH*RINE (KATIE EDER, SYDNEY WIDELL — If for some reason you missed the construction or the countless Ripples articles we’ve published over the past 12 months covering the project, it would still have been clear that a … Continue reading Metro Market challenges local integrity

New director on the books at library

BY KATIE EDER — Rachel Collins will be joining the Shorewood Public Library staff on February 29 as library director. “It’s an incredible opportunity,” Collins said. “Part of the attraction is the village itself. It is clearly a huge library-loving community, a real library-supporting community … People really love their library.” Collins will be replacing former director, Beth Carey, who served in the position for 17 years and retired on January 1. Collins has worked for the Milwaukee Public Library system for the last 11 years. Most recently, she was a branch manager for the East Branch. “I’ve known Rachel … Continue reading New director on the books at library

Technology policies must evolve

Shorewood’s current outlook on technology use in the classroom is outdated and not giving students the knowledge to help them become responsible technology users in college and in the world of work. There does not seem to be an opportunity to use technology in class to enhance lectures and assignments. In fact, many teachers have recently banned all technology use, their new rules stemming from research articles that circulated among the faculty in August stating how cell phones distract students from learning. Yes, we need reasonable rules against texting or using social media in class. However, many teachers seem to … Continue reading Technology policies must evolve

Best Buddies prepares for spring break Everglades trip

While most students were using the last week of summer to hang out with friends and sleep, Best Buddies members were camping and canoeing on Wisconsin’s Namakagon River to prepare for their 2016 spring break trip to the Florida Everglades. “Hopefully … Continue reading Best Buddies prepares for spring break Everglades trip

Long time math teacher leaves

Long time math teacher and student council advisor, Jim Krolikowski, is leaving Shorewood to take on a new opportunity as Dean of Students at Whitnall High School. “I am very, very thankful for all the people that I have come in contact with, and I have learned so much in my six years at Shorewood,” Krolikowski said. “I am going to miss it … The biggest thing is that this is an ‘I’ll see you later,’ … not a ‘Goodbye.’” According to those who knew and worked with Krolikowski, he was an important member of the high school community and … Continue reading Long time math teacher leaves