Seniors reflect on their careers in Ripples

The senior editors of your favorite newspaper think back on their top ten moments of creating the paper. Send some love to your seniors! Ripples ❤ You — Elena Cruz, Editor in Chief 10. Exploring the tunnels underneath the school! There are … Continue reading Seniors reflect on their careers in Ripples

Metro Market challenges local integrity

BY CALL US KATH*RINE (KATIE EDER, SYDNEY WIDELL — If for some reason you missed the construction or the countless Ripples articles we’ve published over the past 12 months covering the project, it would still have been clear that a … Continue reading Metro Market challenges local integrity

District looks ahead on Day 3 of the Summit

BY SYDNEY WIDELL — After three days of conversation, brainstorming and analysis, the Shorewood Schools Summit concluded in what many thought to be a meaningful forecast for the district’s future. According to the public feedback shared during the Summit, “meaningful,” … Continue reading District looks ahead on Day 3 of the Summit

Artist features school

Ariana Huggett is an artist whose work is renowned, spent two weeks painting the SHS pool and auditorium. Shorewood, with its elegant 1924 architecture, was inspiring subject matter for this Riverwest-based artist. “I paint interiors and exteriors. It’s my subject matter,” Huggett said. Hugget began her visit on October 26, spending the time painting and meeting with Shorewood art students. Also benefitting from this exchange were Shorewood’s art students. “I think an art department with momentum draws to it great art situations and she was one of these situations,” said Jeffrey Zimpel, art department chair. Jessica Mohagen, art teacher, agrees. “It was awesome … Continue reading Artist features school

Fresh faces for bright beginnings

After an Atwater senior kindergarten teacher left late in the summer, her position was filled Amy Thorston, who had previously taught Bright Beginnings at Lake Bluff. This left Thorston’s position vacant for days after school began. Meanwhile, Katherine Gerrits, who had expected to begin her fifth year at Mequon Preschool, found herself out of work when the school was forced to cut teachers due to low enrollment. Not expecting to find full time work so close to the start of the school year, Gerrits instead began to contact area schools about substitute teaching. Gerrits was given the job almost immediately. … Continue reading Fresh faces for bright beginnings

College feature: Lewis & Clark

Brendan Nagle, class of 2015, knew he wanted to live in Portland, OR.  Lewis & Clark College, located just a few miles from the downtown, seemed to be the perfect fit. Nagle was drawn to the city because of its thriving cultural scene and its coastal climate. “The city brought me here,” Nagle said. During his college search, he briefly considered other schools in the area like Reed University or University of Oregon-Portland, but decided that Lewis & Clark was right for him.  Part of what he likes best is the size. “It’s not so small that you never meet new people, … Continue reading College feature: Lewis & Clark

College feature: Boston University

For Anna Wisotzkey, class of 2015, rowing on the Charles River was something she had only ever dreamt about. Now, as a freshman at Boston University and a member of the Women’s Lightweight Rowing Team, it is something she does everyday. Wisotzkey is looking forward to her first fall season on this division one team.  She rowed for the Milwaukee Rowing Club throughout her high school career, competed at USRowing Youth Nationals and placed on the USRowing Honor Roll. Tryouts, which included fitness tests and lots of technical drilling on the water, have ended and Wisotzkey is settling into the … Continue reading College feature: Boston University

Modern Rebels showcases variety

Transcending time and medium, the Modern Rebels exhibit housed in the Milwaukee Art Museum portrays the enduring challenge faced by artists everywhere 〞 the challenge to push the boundaries of convention and acceptance and to establish an identity as an … Continue reading Modern Rebels showcases variety