Reduce, reuse, recycle, SHS

BY RIPPLES — As a planet, we are currently suffering from many environmental crises, which are almost entirely byproducts of human emissions. Issues like global warming, species extinction, oil spills or the many oceanic garbage patches are all caused by a severe excess of human waste. In Shorewood, this issue of human waste has been addressed head-on at Atwater School. When it comes to recycling, SHS needs to reduce waste and reuse ideas from Atwater’s new waste reduction program in ways that are applicable to the different setting we find ourselves in. In many aspects, SHS is a much different … Continue reading Reduce, reuse, recycle, SHS

Women politicians are crucial

BY MONICA VERONICA (MONICA DIX) — 116 years after Shorewood seceded from the Town of Milwaukee, and 96 years after women received the right to vote, both the Shorewood school board and the village board of trustees hold a majority of women elected representatives. Coinciding with the election campaign of arguably the strongest female candidate to ever run for president in our country, I feel that we are at a moment in time in which it is important to reflect on the strides that women have made to be represented in politics, but also the challenges that we still face … Continue reading Women politicians are crucial

Junior proposes sustainability alternatives

BY QUEEN SABINE SPILLS THE BEANS (SABINE PETERKA) — At some point during an average day of school, I wash my hands in the bathroom. When I’m done washing, I can use a paper towel if there are any, otherwise I’ll have to stand for a while with my hands under the blow dryer or wipe them off on my pants. The bell signaling the start of my next class is about to ring and I don’t want to walk into class with dripping wet hands, so how should I dry them? Using paper towels to dry your hands contributes … Continue reading Junior proposes sustainability alternatives

Honors classes need to be added to curriculum

BY YOU KANN DO IT (AKSHAYA KANNAN) — Many high schools across Wisconsin and the United States provide their students with the opportunity to take honors courses. Honors courses are more intense and faster paced than typical college preparatory courses, but unlike AP courses, many colleges do not consider them equivalent to college-level work. However, I believe that the addition of honors classes to Shorewood High School would be beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only would students be separated into classes in which they would be able to learn at their own pace, but they would also be … Continue reading Honors classes need to be added to curriculum

VHE pool closings can be timed more thoughtfully

BY JUSTINE SPORE — April 11 was the day I had been awaiting for months. But this wasn’t the day I received a scholarship, or heard back from a prestigious college. No, this was the day that the Shorewood Vernor H. Esser (VHE) pool re-opened for public use after nearly two months of maintenance. Yes, finally, I could return to the spacious and bright lanes of the VHE. As an athlete that swims regularly during open swim hours to maintain my  fitness, I find that the closing of the pool for this maintenance is both untimely and unnecessarily prolonged. Although … Continue reading VHE pool closings can be timed more thoughtfully

2016 presidential preference primary

BY ELI FRANK, OLIVIA HOLBROOK — Wisconsin votes in the presidential preference primary on Tuesday, April 5. In Issue 7 and in an extended post on the Ripples website, Eli Frank wrote why Bernie Sanders is the best choice in the Democratic … Continue reading 2016 presidential preference primary

Clinton is clear choice in Democratic primary

BY OLIVIA HOLBROOK — I seem to be a political anomaly these days: a young voter who supports Hillary Clinton. This in itself is a rarity, but it is even rarer in Shorewood. While I certainly am entranced by the idea of free college for all (Bernie, come on, it is never going to happen) and some of Senator Sanders’ other ideas, my reasoning for voting for Hillary Clinton is quite simple. I am voting for Hillary because I believe she is the only person running for president who has the experience and ideas to position our nation in a … Continue reading Clinton is clear choice in Democratic primary