Junior proposes sustainability alternatives

BY QUEEN SABINE SPILLS THE BEANS (SABINE PETERKA) — At some point during an average day of school, I wash my hands in the bathroom. When I’m done washing, I can use a paper towel if there are any, otherwise I’ll have to stand for a while with my hands under the blow dryer or wipe them off on my pants. The bell signaling the start of my next class is about to ring and I don’t want to walk into class with dripping wet hands, so how should I dry them? Using paper towels to dry your hands contributes … Continue reading Junior proposes sustainability alternatives

Yo Mama says goodbye

BY SABINE PETERKA — The Yo Mama frozen yogurt shop on Oakland Avenue closed January 31 to focus on their other two locations in Wauwatosa and Brookfield. “Unfortunately, Shorewood is what we decided is the thing that needed to close in order to work on all these other projects,” said Becky Berger, owner. “We’re going to be selling ice cream [in addition to frozen yogurt] in both our Wauwatosa and Brookfield stores by the scoop. In the past you were only able to buy it in the pint, but now you’ll be able to buy it by the scoop in … Continue reading Yo Mama says goodbye

Students shovel snow

BY SABINE PETERKA — This winter, the Senior Resource Center worked to connect the elderly to students or adults to help them shovel their snow. “Every year, older or disabled residents contact the Senior Resource Center because they have trouble removing the snow,” said Elizabeth Price, coordinator and Senior Resource Center director. “We maintain a list of people who are willing to shovel for money, and we keep their address and when somebody calls in, we will give them the name of someone who’s within six blocks of them.” Price said companies that offer shoveling services are often unaffordable or … Continue reading Students shovel snow

Streets of Old Milwaukee

Even more so than the dinosaurs, Hopi cliff dwellings or the jungle, the Milwaukee Public Museum’s beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit has always been the highlight of my visits to the museum. The exhibit consists of sprawling cobblestone streets lined with life-size houses and shops that existed in Milwaukee around 1880. Museum goers can look into windows to see scenes of people’s daily lives, allowing them to experience Milwaukee just before the turn of the century. In celebration of the exhibit’s 50th anniversary, the Streets of Old Milwaukee was updated and reopened on December 11. When I heard it was being redone I … Continue reading Streets of Old Milwaukee

Booster Club helps sports

The Shorewood Athletic Booster Club hosted their 36th annual Arts & Crafts Fair in the high school’s Arena and North Gym on December 6. The event included 116 vendors selling a variety of products, as well as a silent auction, raffle, spiritwear shop and bake sale. “It’s always the first Sunday in December and the parking lot is always full. It’s a good place to come and get some arts and crafts for the holiday season,” said LeVar Ridgeway, athletic director. The booster club rents booths to artists and charges a four-dollar admission fee. Proceeds go to SHS and SIS … Continue reading Booster Club helps sports

Acupuncture comes to Shorewood

In a tranquil, redesigned space on the northern border of Shorewood, Aubrey Contramaestre treats patients of all conditions in the hopes of creating a positive effect through acupuncture. “If you put a positive energy out there it creates a ripple effect of positive energy so as people start to feel better and interact with people around them in a different, more upbeat positive energy, that just impacts every single person,” said Aubrey Contramaestre, owner and acupuncturist of Ananda Acupuncture and Healing Center. Contramaestre opened Ananda in October at 4528 N. Oakland Ave. “The reason for this build-out expanding is because … Continue reading Acupuncture comes to Shorewood

School board adopts new speaking policy

The school board implemented a new public participation policy that allows for public comments at the beginning of the meeting. It consists of five minutes of speaking time per person and three people per side of an issue. “We used to [allow public participation] at the beginning [of the meeting] … then we would also allow comments during discussion and then we would also allow comments at the end,” said Paru Shah, school board president. “And so what we’ve done is essentially move all the comments to one part at just the beginning.” According to Shah, the policy was changed … Continue reading School board adopts new speaking policy

Maylan Thomas

Meet SHS’s new technical director Maylan Thomas is the new technical director, replacing Patrick Spreadbury. Thomas will also be teaching 6th and 7th period technical theater classes as well as working on shows. “My hope is that we have a really good transition year with the new tech director,” said Joe King, theater director. “I’m hoping that the students and the community really warm up to Mr. Thomas and welcome him into the drama department.” Thomas is looking forward to the year. “The first thing is just getting in the space, getting to meet everybody. Seeing where everybody’s skill sets … Continue reading Maylan Thomas