Diversity rising at local police force

BY MAEVE MCKAIG — In a predominantly white community like Shorewood, the privileged majority may forget the importance of diversity in public institutions. This includes police departments, which have been under particular scrutiny in light of recent social media campaigns … Continue reading Diversity rising at local police force

José Gonzàlez – Vestiges & Claws review

José Gonzàlez’s Vestiges & Claws, is a record that is easy to overlook. It is soft spoken and understated, much like the artist himself. But upon giving it a closer look, or listen rather, you’ll find that Gonzàlez’s third full-length album is one of the best albums of 2015. With his first solo work in seven years, Gonzàlez’s sound has changed from his previous albums while still encapsulating the qualities that longtime listeners have fallen in love with. The instrumentation is still minimalistic, but less so than his previous work. Like those records, In Our Nature and Veneer, the foundation of the album’s sound is … Continue reading José Gonzàlez – Vestiges & Claws review

Late Show stays true to roots

When I heard Stephen Colbert was moving from cable to broadcast television as the host of The Late Show, I was concerned. I was a loyal viewer of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and loved how Colbert used satire to poke fun at the extreme political pundits that inspired his character. Here were my concerns: would he host the show as the character “Stephen Colbert?” Would the CBS censors make his material less effective? Would he be forced to do promotional celebrity interviews instead of the informative and thought-provoking conversations with scientists, writers and politicians that were my highlights … Continue reading Late Show stays true to roots

Lipo Zovic voted interim School Board member

The School Board voted 4-0 on September 23 to approve Joanne Lipo Zovic as interim board member, following Rob Reinhoffer’s resignation, effective October 1. Lipo Zovic was chosen out of six candidates. After interviewing each candidate, the Board ranked them based on five characteristics, including what the candidate would bring to board culture, performance, their knowledge/skills, work effort and community involvement. The Board acknowledged the unique ideas and perspectives each candidate would bring, but at Wednesday’s meeting, discussion was focused on the top two candidates: Lipo Zovic and Pablo Muirhead. Ultimately, Lipo Zovic was chosen because of her connections with … Continue reading Lipo Zovic voted interim School Board member

Senior club swimmers compete at junior national championships

Eva Jorn, Zach Hammond and Michael Perry, seniors, traveled to Indianapolis for the 2015 National Club Swimming Association (NCSA) Junior National Championships from July 28 to August 1. All three swimmers had previously competed at the national level at the … Continue reading Senior club swimmers compete at junior national championships