Community analyzes state of Shorewood Schools on Day 2 of the Summit

BY MADELINE WILSON — The second day of the Shorewood Schools Summit continued with the purpose of discussing the present of our schools and beginning to picturing the ideal educational experience in the future in the year 2025, on Friday, … Continue reading Community analyzes state of Shorewood Schools on Day 2 of the Summit

Sophomore heads off to Hawaii

From December 17-29, Tulsi Shah, sophomore, explored Hawaii for the first time – that she can remember. “It wasn’t my first time in Hawaii. I went when I was about one year old … so I don’t remember it but I have been there before,” Shah said. Shah’s trip spanned two islands of Hawaii: Maui and Kauai. Shah and her family visited Maui first. “We took a really great hike to a waterfall … There was a halfway point where there was a huge banyan tree and that was really beautiful,” Shah said. “We reached the waterfall and my mother and I … Continue reading Sophomore heads off to Hawaii

Guests galore join meal

Thanksgiving is an exciting holiday for Veronica Madell, sophomore. “[Thanksgiving] is my favorite holiday because my birthday is usually right around there, the day after or before,” Madell said. Madell celebrated this Thanksgiving at home, in Shorewood, with many other people.“My family hosts thanksgiving,” Madell said. “28 people came to our house.” Madell’s house was filled with not only her family but also any friends that did not have anywhere to go. According to Madell, this open invitation is important to her family during the holiday. “[The people at our Thanksgiving dinner] were mostly my family, but my mom … grew … Continue reading Guests galore join meal