Honors classes need to be added to curriculum

BY YOU KANN DO IT (AKSHAYA KANNAN) — Many high schools across Wisconsin and the United States provide their students with the opportunity to take honors courses. Honors courses are more intense and faster paced than typical college preparatory courses, but unlike AP courses, many colleges do not consider them equivalent to college-level work. However, I believe that the addition of honors classes to Shorewood High School would be beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only would students be separated into classes in which they would be able to learn at their own pace, but they would also be … Continue reading Honors classes need to be added to curriculum

Students would benefit from earlier exams

Final exams should be taken before winter break in order to prevent unnecessary psychological stress. Currently, exam week is two weeks after student return from break, and by moving it, students would be able to enjoy their vacation without worrying about studying for exams. Studying for final exams during the holidays is not the first thing that comes up in the minds of students in spite of the nearby testing date. As a result, I have seen students repeatedly panic the few days before returning to school, realizing that they have many too tasks to complete. On the other hand, students who do … Continue reading Students would benefit from earlier exams

Everyone needs vaccinations

The U.S. recently suffered a measles outbreak of over fifty confirmed cases. This life threatening disease is preventable, but unfortunately, a number of people choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children. Measles is a dangerous and very contagious infection. Its symptoms include red eyes, cough, runny nose, high fever, diarrhea and rash. It can lead to many serious complications, including pneumonia, blindness, brain inflammation and potentially death. Parents should not be exempt from vaccinating their children, regardless of personal fear or mistrust of vaccines. Claims from countless high-profile studies have been misinterpreted, which in turn caused parents to fly … Continue reading Everyone needs vaccinations

Patrick Sullivan

BY AKSHAYA KANNAN — Meet Braun’s temporary replacement and a new assistant football coach Patrick Sullivan, UW-Madison graduate, steps in as the temporary replacement during Jessica Braun’s, social studies teacher, maternity leave. In addition to teaching social studies, Sullivan will also serve as one of the assistant football coaches. “Just from the few students I’ve met, it seems like this is going to be an exciting environment, and it’s just a great community to be teaching in,” Sullivan said. Sullivan has majored in economics, history, political science and secondary education. The fresh graduate decided to pursue his career in teaching … Continue reading Patrick Sullivan