Village board begins video recording of meetings

BY OLIVIA POOLE— The village board published their first video recording of a meeting on their YouTube page on Aug. 19. Allison Rozek, village trustee and local business owner, was a strong influence in the board’s decision to start recording meeting. Rozek has 20 years of experience in different government agencies and is the chair of the public safety committee, in addition to being on the budget and finance committee and the business relations committee. “Most people can’t attend meetings because of conflicts in life, school, work, babysitters, personal conflicts, so we wanted video recordings because when you read the meeting … Continue reading Village board begins video recording of meetings

Sophomore achieves

BY OLIVIA POOLE — Competing against over 200 other musicians in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Metropolitan Symphony, Maya Lawnicki, sophomore, took home an honorable mention in MYSO’s concerto competition on January 9. “This is my tenth year playing violin, and it has been a constant in my life and a passion that I’ve had since I started playing,” Lawnicki said. Lawnicki plays in the first violin section of the Metropolitan Symphony, the most recent addition to MYSO. “I have played in MYSO for seven years, and was moved out of Philharmonia this year. Being sixth chair in Metropolitan right … Continue reading Sophomore achieves

Waxwing takes flight

Shorewood officially said goodbye to local art boutique Waxwing as it left its Oakland Avenue location and moved 2.5 miles south to North Avenue on December 24. Although customers from the area are sad to see it go, the future of the new Waxwing has lots of excitement in store. Layna Wang, freshman, is one of the many regular shoppers who have been affected by the change. “I miss having such a cool store nestled in Shorewood, walking distance from my house, but the new and improved space, along with the east side atmosphere, makes Waxwing 2.0 impossible not to love,” Wang said. … Continue reading Waxwing takes flight

Schools should power down PowerSchool

I unlocked my phone and opened my PowerSchool app. A huge test grade had just gone in and needed to quickly check my grade. I saw the red down arrow and that is all it took to ruin my entire day. Admit it, most of you have been there. The truth is, the PowerSchool app and PowerSchool in general have become too stressful and accessible, causing an unhealthy obsession for many students and parents.The site was originally created to help parents connect with their kids’ schooling—an “in-between” for conferences and report cards. The main PowerSchool site advertises that “parents can … Continue reading Schools should power down PowerSchool

Wit celebrates spoken word

Shorewood High school drama kicked off the 2015-16 season with an incredible production of Wit, featuring a talented cast of 15 students. As the lead Vivian Bearing, Ella Curran, senior, had a stellar performance. “It was such a fantastic experience, all about the power of spoken word. The power and love of language is something I liked best,” Curran said. In Wit, by Margaret Edson, Curran played the role of a college English professor with stage IV ovarian cancer. Revealing right at the beginning that her doctors were just emotionless researchers and that she was to die, the audience was … Continue reading Wit celebrates spoken word