Atwater implements new recycling program

BY ABBY WIDELL — Atwater Elementary School’s new and improved recycling program, implemented in February, focuses on reducing waste and teaching students about environmental responsibility. After observing the enormous quantity of waste produced in the cafeteria, Lora Caton, Atwater parent … Continue reading Atwater implements new recycling program

Seven-member jazz group plays at Shorewood Colectivo

BY ABBY WIDELL — The Shorewood High School Jazz Combo showcased their impressive talent at the Oakland Avenue Colectivo on April 10 where they performed for a large and appreciative audience. This seven-member ensemble is drawn from the larger SHS … Continue reading Seven-member jazz group plays at Shorewood Colectivo

Waxwing takes flight

Shorewood officially said goodbye to local art boutique Waxwing as it left its Oakland Avenue location and moved 2.5 miles south to North Avenue on December 24. Although customers from the area are sad to see it go, the future of the new Waxwing has lots of excitement in store. Layna Wang, freshman, is one of the many regular shoppers who have been affected by the change. “I miss having such a cool store nestled in Shorewood, walking distance from my house, but the new and improved space, along with the east side atmosphere, makes Waxwing 2.0 impossible not to love,” Wang said. … Continue reading Waxwing takes flight

Belize it or not, Eva Haubrich Spends Winter break in Central America

Eva Haubrich, freshman, spent her winter break in Belize, taking the summer trip that her family was never able to have. “My mom was diagnosed with cancer over the summer, so since she didn’t really get a break, we decided to recreate it over the holidays,” Haubrich said. Belize is a tiny country off the coast of Central America, a seaside community by the Caribbean Sea, its beaches and the famed Belize Barrier Reef to the east. The western side of Belize is flanked by dense jungle. The family stayed mainly in San Pedro, which is a small town in the southern part of … Continue reading Belize it or not, Eva Haubrich Spends Winter break in Central America

Wit celebrates spoken word

Shorewood High school drama kicked off the 2015-16 season with an incredible production of Wit, featuring a talented cast of 15 students. As the lead Vivian Bearing, Ella Curran, senior, had a stellar performance. “It was such a fantastic experience, all about the power of spoken word. The power and love of language is something I liked best,” Curran said. In Wit, by Margaret Edson, Curran played the role of a college English professor with stage IV ovarian cancer. Revealing right at the beginning that her doctors were just emotionless researchers and that she was to die, the audience was … Continue reading Wit celebrates spoken word