Meet next year’s StuCo excecutive board

BY MAYA SCHNEIDER — Izzie Tasse, President Izzie Tasse, junior, ran unopposed and was elected as president of Student Council Executive Board. Tasse served as vice president this year and is prepared to take on her new leadership role. “I spent a lot of time this past year learning … from our current president,” Tasse said. Tasse would like to get more people involved in student council next year. “I really want to expand student council’s borders to reach more people and different groups of people,” Tasse said. Additionally, she plans on continuing the tradition of picking a charity of the year, … Continue reading Meet next year’s StuCo excecutive board

Board expands reach

School and government find common ground The school board is looking to collaborate with Representative David Bowen to actively oppose or support bills that would affect the school district, similar to the resolution passed which opposed Assembly Bill 469, which discriminated against students who are transgender. Representative David Bowen serves District 10 – Milwaukee and Shorewood – in the state legislature. School Board President, Paru Shah, is leading the charge, and says she hopes this will bring positive effects to the district. “I think an ability to have things that are important to us at the state level … [we … Continue reading Board expands reach

Miss Shorewood must be reformed

BY THE RIPPLES EDITORIAL STAFF — Rather than incessantly quibbling over the morality of canceling Miss Shorewood, SHS should really focus on what the issue says about our ideology. Shorewood prides itself on being a progressive and accepting community, and Miss Shorewood reflected that in some ways. For example, the event unified the school in support of fighting cancer and improving the lives of others. However, not everyone sees Miss Shorewood in this positive light. Both feminists and LGBT rights activists raised concerns. Feminists were offended by the use and encouragement of gender stereotypes in order to make more money. Contestants who went so … Continue reading Miss Shorewood must be reformed