Atwater implements new recycling program

BY ABBY WIDELL — Atwater Elementary School’s new and improved recycling program, implemented in February, focuses on reducing waste and teaching students about environmental responsibility. After observing the enormous quantity of waste produced in the cafeteria, Lora Caton, Atwater parent … Continue reading Atwater implements new recycling program

Atwater holiday book fair

The Atwater PTO is holding the Holiday Book Fair, a fundraiser from November 30 until December 3 with aims to raise money for more books. The Holiday Book Fair is one of the two book fairs that are held at Atwater, the other occuring one during the spring. “I think it’s a good idea because most people like to read, so they would like an opportunity to get some new books,” said Paisley Luicer, sixth grade. Diane Gulbronson and Kim Mackowski, Atwater parents, are the co-chairs of the Atwater Holiday Book Fair. Gulbronson and Mackowski have run the book fairs … Continue reading Atwater holiday book fair

100 years of excellence for Atwater

BY ELIZABETH HAYES — Atwater Elementary School will celebrate its 100th anniversary in September 2015, turning an age no school in Shorewood has ever reached before. As the oldest school in the village, Atwater’s history plays an important role in the community’s past, present and future. The year is 1848. Mechanicsville, Wisconsin is graced with their first day of school, a log cabin located at the corner of present-day Capitol Drive and Oakland Avenue. This community school suffered two fires in 1864 and 1895, and was rebuilt once in 1896. In 1900, the village was renamed East Milwaukee, and eight … Continue reading 100 years of excellence for Atwater