Atwater implements new recycling program

BY ABBY WIDELL — Atwater Elementary School’s new and improved recycling program, implemented in February, focuses on reducing waste and teaching students about environmental responsibility. After observing the enormous quantity of waste produced in the cafeteria, Lora Caton, Atwater parent … Continue reading Atwater implements new recycling program

Program honors veterans

BY ANANYA MURALI– Sunday, May 29 marks Shorewood’s 17th annual Memorial Day program at Atwater Park. The event typically consists of various student performances, from readings to music by students from the district’s band, orchestra and choir programs. Each year there is also a keynote speaker, either a retired military officer or veteran. The 2016 speaker was Saul Newton, who served a tour of duty in Afghanistan and is the founder and executive director of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Jan Zehren, SIS teacher, first got involved with the celebration in 2007, and currently coordinates this event each year … Continue reading Program honors veterans

Meet next year’s StuCo excecutive board

BY MAYA SCHNEIDER — Izzie Tasse, President Izzie Tasse, junior, ran unopposed and was elected as president of Student Council Executive Board. Tasse served as vice president this year and is prepared to take on her new leadership role. “I spent a lot of time this past year learning … from our current president,” Tasse said. Tasse would like to get more people involved in student council next year. “I really want to expand student council’s borders to reach more people and different groups of people,” Tasse said. Additionally, she plans on continuing the tradition of picking a charity of the year, … Continue reading Meet next year’s StuCo excecutive board

Seniors reflect on their careers in Ripples

The senior editors of your favorite newspaper think back on their top ten moments of creating the paper. Send some love to your seniors! Ripples ❤ You — Elena Cruz, Editor in Chief 10. Exploring the tunnels underneath the school! There are … Continue reading Seniors reflect on their careers in Ripples

South Pacific surprises with in-depth story

After controversial performances, drama opts for family classic BY SHIMANA BOSE — Shorewood Drama presented the WWII musical, South Pacific, on May 19, 20 and 21. Walking into the lobby, the crowd was a combination of excited drama parents, community … Continue reading South Pacific surprises with in-depth story

Reduce, reuse, recycle, SHS

BY RIPPLES — As a planet, we are currently suffering from many environmental crises, which are almost entirely byproducts of human emissions. Issues like global warming, species extinction, oil spills or the many oceanic garbage patches are all caused by a severe excess of human waste. In Shorewood, this issue of human waste has been addressed head-on at Atwater School. When it comes to recycling, SHS needs to reduce waste and reuse ideas from Atwater’s new waste reduction program in ways that are applicable to the different setting we find ourselves in. In many aspects, SHS is a much different … Continue reading Reduce, reuse, recycle, SHS