Shorewood Ripples was founded in 1922; this year we will put out volume 94 of the publication. Ripples is a completely student-run newspaper that puts out ten issues each year. The only teacher involved is our advisor, Mr. Halloran. We are very lucky to work for a high school publication that operates relatively independently of advisor and administrator decisions and opinions. And we are even more fortunate to have an advisor as knowledgeable and as committed to the paper’s success as Mr. Halloran.

Because we are student run, over the course of this year our staff will be doing all of the jobs that make this newspaper possible: brainstorming story ideas, gathering information, conducting interviews, writing articles, taking pictures, selling ad space, laying out pages, selling subscriptions, maintaining a website, setting policy and more. All staff meets regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch to learn principles of journalism, including gathering news, writing and maintaining high journalistic standards. Work includes getting information for news stories about school events, activities, and personalities and writing articles for the paperAll staff are required to meet strict deadlines and expected to contribute by selling ads, taking pictures, managing subscriptions, contributing web content and distributing the paper.


By tradition and practice, Ripples is an open forum and provides a guaranteed outlet for student expression. Ripples subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, including the obligation to perform with intelligence, objectivity, accuracy and fairness. Editorials are unsigned and represent the majority opinion of the Ripples editorial staff. Signed letters to the Editor are welcome, but the staff reserves the right to edit for grammar and length. For more information, contact any editor or advisor. Ripples reserves the right to deny advertising space to any ad deemed deceiving or misleading. Libelous ads and those containing misstatements or mistruths are unacceptable. Publication of an advertisement in Ripples does not indicate endorsement of that ad.

Hello Ripples fan! We're so glad that you found this story interesting. Post a comment below to share your thoughts about this story. Don't forget to subscribe to our paper! Contact shorewoodripples@gmail.com for more information. Thanks!

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