Coaches work to foster solid technique and team bonding in girls soccer


Girls soccer kicked off on March 24, getting the players mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming season.

The athletes anticipate a successful season. “So far it looks like we’re going to have a good season, but you can never really tell until you see the other teams,” said Meghan Curtis, sophomore.

In order to make the season an impressive one as the girls would want, which would be to win as many games as possible and foster team bonding, the coaches are working as hard as they can to improve their players’ skills.

“The coaches are dedicated and are really trying to make us our best,” said Sarah Goldberg, sophomore.

At practice, coaches help the girls learn new skills with drills such as passing, shooting and sprinting. “[We work on] a lot of fitness, footwork drills, positioning and just getting our touch back,” Curtis said.

Marlee Lane, sophomore, defends the ball during a home game against Whitnall. Lane is a member of the Varsity girls soccer team.
Marlee Lane, sophomore, defends the ball during a home game against Whitnall. Lane is a member of the Varsity girls soccer team.


The girls think the coaches’ personalities add to the team. “We love Kieven [Sperry], JV coach, and think Andy [Baisch, varsity coach,] is pretty awesome and funny. They’re going to help make it a good season,” said Catherine Puppe, freshman.

However, according to the team, credit does not go entirely to the coaches. The girls consistently cooperate and play as a team, encouraging each other to improve. “We work together, and we push each other to get fit. We expect the best out of each other so we can reach our full potential,” Curtis said.

The girls begin working as a team not only during the games, but even before they start. “We show up [to the games] one hour early to get the mood going and make sure everyone is on the same page. Then we go out and kick butt,” Goldberg said.

The system has worked so far. In the game on April 8 against Pius XI, varsity won with a score of 1-0, with Marlee Lane, sophomore, scoring the only goal. JV also won with a score of 5-0.

The soccer players continue to love the spring season. “We score goals, annihilate; we’re unstoppable,” Curtis said.


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