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Adele’s Album becomes her best to date

After leading her fans on for an agonizing four years, Adele’s new album, 25, was released on November 20. Adele’s previous album, 21, was released in January of 2011 and took the world by storm as the heartbreak album of the decade. Following vocal surgery and the birth of her son, Angelo, many were skeptical about whether Adele … Continue reading

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Belize it or not, Eva Haubrich Spends Winter break in Central America

Eva Haubrich, freshman, spent her winter break in Belize, taking the summer trip that her family was never able to have. “My mom was diagnosed with cancer over the summer, so since she didn’t really get a break, we decided to recreate it over the holidays,” Haubrich said. Belize is a tiny country off the coast of … Continue reading

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Students would benefit from earlier exams

Final exams should be taken before winter break in order to prevent unnecessary psychological stress. Currently, exam week is two weeks after student return from break, and by moving it, students would be able to enjoy their vacation without worrying about studying for exams. Studying for final exams during the holidays is not the first thing … Continue reading

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College plans put too much pressure on students

A few weeks ago I was asked what college I was planning on attending. My reaction was immediate: I was hit with the realization that in four short years I was expected to go to college and then somehow be prepared to face the future and real world head-on. Expectations and stress put on for students to … Continue reading

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José Gonzàlez – Vestiges & Claws review

José Gonzàlez’s Vestiges & Claws, is a record that is easy to overlook. It is soft spoken and understated, much like the artist himself. But upon giving it a closer look, or listen rather, you’ll find that Gonzàlez’s third full-length album is one of the best albums of 2015. With his first solo work in seven years, … Continue reading

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Good Season for Girls Hockey

The girls hockey team has continued its leading season, existing as a co-op between Shorewood, the University School of Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, DSHA and Nicolet. This year there are only three players that come from SHS. They all are freshmen. “There are three people from our school. They’re all freshmen. It’s Karly Lamoreaux, Hannah Neudorfer and … Continue reading

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Streets of Old Milwaukee

Even more so than the dinosaurs, Hopi cliff dwellings or the jungle, the Milwaukee Public Museum’s beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit has always been the highlight of my visits to the museum. The exhibit consists of sprawling cobblestone streets lined with life-size houses and shops that existed in Milwaukee around 1880. Museum goers can look into … Continue reading

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Top 5 Movies of the Year

2015 was filled with heart-wrenching, action-filled, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat movies. While there was plenty of competition for the best film, these five flicks ranked as my favorites of the year. 1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In this action-packed movie set after the original films directed by George Lucas, JJ Abrams captures the return of many original characters, as … Continue reading

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University LGBT Discrimination Exemptions are Not Acceptable

In reference to records provided by the U.S. Department of Education, over 60 religious Universities have requested exemptions from the 1972 law banning federally funded schools to discriminate against individuals on the basis of sex. This law is primarily applied to hiring and admissions, or other issues concerning each university. 43 of the applications have been filed, while … Continue reading